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Snickerdoodle Muffins

I could have a Snickerdoodle cookie at any time of the day---it is my favorite and perfect as we go into fall. What's even better? Having the cookie in breakfast form! Enjoy my Snickerdoodle Muffin recipe!

Coffee Protein Smoothie with Cinnamon

When I embarked on the journey of strength-building in 2015, I began to incorporate  supplemental protein into my diet and struggled with how to do it in a way that was delicious and not substituting an entire meal. Being a coffee lover, I thought to add protein into my daily fix with some ice on a hot summer morning for my commute to work. Over time, I have refined different variations of this creation and ecstatic to share the original on the blog!

Gourmet Meal Prep: Our Breakfast Frittata

On the weekdays, many of our friends opt for breakfast on the go (quickly grabbing a protein or energy bar on their way out) or skip it altogether in order to savor those extra precious moments of sleep. After all, who has the time to cook a lavish breakfast every morning?  Well, we created a delicious and healthy frittata for you and all you need is ten minutes on a Sunday. 

Acai Bowl in Pineapple Boat

When we were honeymooning in New Zealand, Acai Bowls were on every corner! We became obsessed with the refreshing breakfast treat. Initially, when we attempted to recreate from memory, the consistency was not as creamy. After some experimenting and research, we realized a frozen banana is key to achieving the right thickness. The pineapple boat is simply for aesthetic because anything is more fun to eat out of a fruit, am I right?! You can top with any garnishes or none at all depending on your preference. Continue below to read what went into our Acai Bowl Recipe!