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Baked Salmon With Mango Glaze and Asparagus

On a week night, preparing dinner can be challenging and you may be tempted to just stick a frozen meal in the microwave and call it a day! Lucky for you, our one pan baked salmon recipe asks for only 22-25 minutes of your time and tastes like heaven! The sweet and semi spicy mango glaze adds flair to the fresh salmon and complements the tossed lemon garlic vegetables. Easy, healthy, and very satisfying!

Thai Farro Salad

One thing you will learn about Neal and I in this blog is that we believe that healthy food can be ridiculously delicious! Growing up, our families did not consider salads as a meal on its own. Perhaps, it was the nature of Indian cuisine or the lack of fresh and locally sourced ingredients at the time. However, we have set out to show how delicious a gourmet salad can be while keeping you feeling energetic and satisfied.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Panna Cotta with Apple Compote

This post was inspired by an episode of Chef's Table featuring Christina Tosi, founder of Milk Bar. The cinematic storytelling combined with Christina's background swayed me beyond words and I instantly thought Panna Cotta. For those of you that haven't viewed this episode, Christina Tosi is known for starting the cereal flavored milk ice cream craze that can now be found in chains all over the country. My favorite cereal growing up was Cinnamon Toast Crunch and our favorite family dessert was Apple Pie with Ice Cream....eventually leading to this recipe!

Acai Bowl in Pineapple Boat

When we were honeymooning in New Zealand, Acai Bowls were on every corner! We became obsessed with the refreshing breakfast treat. Initially, when we attempted to recreate from memory, the consistency was not as creamy. After some experimenting and research, we realized a frozen banana is key to achieving the right thickness. The pineapple boat is simply for aesthetic because anything is more fun to eat out of a fruit, am I right?! You can top with any garnishes or none at all depending on your preference. Continue below to read what went into our Acai Bowl Recipe!

Oreo Goat Cheese Cheesecake

With our favorite cookie being the Oreo, it was a must for me to create a unique recipe involving it! I opted for a spin on the traditional cheesecake incorporating goat cheese as well as cream cheese and the lighter greek yogurt alternative. The combination is a perfect amount of sweetness meaning you can skip the glass of water after....if desserts tend to have that effect on you!

Punjabi Kadhi Chawal

Kadhi Chawal is defined as yogurt curry with rice and consists of chickpea flour, yogurt, and spices. It is meant to be a simple comfort food but its method of cooking involves frequent monitoring with a longer cooking duration. You can also find many variations of it depending on the state of India you are from! I will be specifically sharing the recipe coming from the state of Punjab. 

Two Amazing Naan Pizza Recipes

Naan is an Indian flatbread staple that is enjoyed by many in restaurants all over the world! It is comprised of flour, water, yogurt, and yeast and cooked in a tandoor oven. Because most of us do not have a tandoor oven in our homes (I wish!), the bread is luckily available at many Indian or South Asian grocery stores as well. Considering its thickness, it can serve as an excellent choice for pizza crust. Therefore, we decided to create two mind-blowing naan pizzas with ofcourse, an egg on top! Presenting our Italian Turkey Sausage Pizza (left) as well as Fig With Sausage and Burrata Pizza (right).

Masala Shrimp Tostada

This healthy-ish Mexican staple is so easy to make and with summer around the corner, shrimp is an excellent fresh option to mix up the work week routine without sacrificing too much time! We incorporated 4 blends of Indian spices to experiment and this version was the winner without a doubt. Enjoy our free Masala Shrimp Tostada recipe below!

Banana Walnut Bread

Well, when you get bananas delivered by Amazon Prime and forgot you already had some at home, you make Banana Bread! Contrast to my previous post, this is one of the very few things I consistently bake to accompany my coffee on the go!