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Pineapple Mint Smoothie

The recipe I have for today is inspired by a fresh Pineapple Mint juice we had our first morning in Africa! This smoothie is distinctive from the others on our blog and you will just have to taste it yourself to know why.....

Baked Salmon With Mango Glaze and Asparagus

On a week night, preparing dinner can be challenging and you may be tempted to just stick a frozen meal in the microwave and call it a day! Lucky for you, our one pan baked salmon recipe asks for only 22-25 minutes of your time and tastes like heaven! The sweet and semi spicy mango glaze adds flair to the fresh salmon and complements the tossed lemon garlic vegetables. Easy, healthy, and very satisfying!

15-Minute Strawberry Basil Lemonade

Nothing says summer quite like a chilled glass of lemonade to beat the heat! Since we always have a crazy amount of fruit in the fridge during this season, we thought to put it to good use! This very simple recipe will have you abandoning the lemonade pulp or that powder stuff forever. All you need is a few fresh ingredients and you're on your way to bliss...